What We Do

The large majority of our projects consists of custom homes and cabins for private clients. Most often, we work directly with clients from lot identification through move in. We pride ourselves in walking you through the process from beginning to completion and making it an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Our in-house Designer provides services to ensure the architecture, function, and visual aspects of the exteriors and interiors are cohesive and enhance the quality of your living environment. We will work directly with you, or together with your designer, throughout the building process to facilitate a rewarding execution of your project.

We build a number of homes each year that are made available to the open market specifically for buyers who want to take immediate possession. The sites are carefully selected, and the homes are designed and built with a high level of quality, care, and attention to design detail maintaining and elevating the latest home trends.

We offer in-house plan design services. Our plan designers will help you create the perfect plan, one that ensures functionality but incorporates your individual needs. Our designers have the building knowledge to ensure that what is put on paper actually works in real life. They are able to point out ways to make homes more cost effective and unique.

Building Homes Is Our Passion

“Yes, I get teary-eyed when Christmas lights go up on one of our homes.” -Stacey.

  • We will build your home with the same attention to detail and level of care that we had when we built our own home.
  • We just take great pride in our homes and the relationships that we build with the families that we get to know.
  • We don’t waste time during the construction of your home. Our view is that wasted time equals wasted money for our homeowners.
  • We will be there each and every day if at all possible. You will see significant progress each week.

Why Choose Us